Good morning sunshine! My 4 go-to breakfasts right now

Confession: mornings have always been a bit rough for me. Unfortunately those who know me well can probably attest to this (not something I am proud of!). It’s just that I prefer the first hour of my day to be completely to myself as I slowly transition into the day. As I’ve matured and become a bit more self-aware, I’ve done my best to get up earlier rather than hit snooze a million times so that I have that space to welcome the day before I welcome my housemates. So I can greet them with a smile rather than a grumpy mood. I consider it my service to the world, haha! 😉 My ideal morning follows this routine:

~6/6:30: Wake up and make warm lemon water, write my Morning Pages, do a brief seated meditation, make my coffee (unless I’m doing my monthly coffee-free week, more about that in another post) and get started on breakfast before my son Oli wakes up ~7:30.

Apart from having that quiet, reflective alone time in the morning, another tool that really helps me have a smooth start to the day is to automate breakfast as much as possible so that it doesn’t require a lot of mental energy to pull together. Options that are easy, tasty and nutritious. So I usually limit our options to just 2-3 during the week and then have a few, more elaborate favorites for the weekend. The #1 most important nutrition element for me is that it contain protein, ~20g for me so you’ll see that as a theme with these. I also am a huge fan of healthy fats and find the 1-2 punch of protein and healthy fats gives me sustained energy for my busy mornings.

My quick and easy weekday options…

Easy Green Eggs

This is our #1 go-to breakfast and it takes about 5 minutes to prepare in the morning and is an awesome way to get some greens in early in the day (my goal is 3-4 servings of greens each day). 

-2 to 3 teaspoons ghee, coconut oil or butter

-4 eggs

-2 cups finely chopped spinach OR 1 cup already cooked greens such as chard or kale

-Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the cooking fat of your choice in a skillet and sauté the spinach just until wilted (or warm up your already cooked greens in the skillet). While pan is heating beat the eggs in a bowl then add to pan once the greens are ready. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to your liking and cook the eggs to your desired consistency. Oli and I share this (he eats ~1/3 and I eat 2/3 of the mixture) and we top it with slices of ~1/2 avocado between the 2 of us. He usually has a small piece of fruit along with it for more carbs.

Tips: Recommend using free-range eggs whenever possible for optimal flavor and nutrition. I prefer using ghee as the cooking fat both for flavor and because it has a higher “smoke point” than regular butter.

Chocolate Overnight Oats

This is my go-to option when we have to be out of the house early in the morning because it only takes 5 minutes to throw together the night before and is ready to take on the go in the morning. It’s also my son’s favorite- probably because it is quite sweet and we don’t have it as often!

Ingredients for chocolate overnight oats

Ingredients for chocolate overnight oats

-3/4 cup old fashioned oats

-3/4 T chia seeds

-1.5 T unsweetened cocoa powder

-1-2 T collagen peptides or your favorite protein powder

-1 tsp vanilla extract

-1.5 T honey, molasses or maple syrup (I use ~1 T honey and 1/2 T molasses)

-3 T plain, whole fat yogurt (dairy or coconut)

-2/3 C + 1 T Milk (either dairy, coconut or nut milk; we use organic whole milk)

Mix everything in a glass jar with a lid and place in the fridge overnight (or at least 8 hours). Add your favorite toppings before eating: nut butter, berries, banana slices, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, etc. My son and I share this and our favorite toppings are a heaping tablespoon of almond butter and either sliced strawberries or banana. In order to get more protein with this I will usually eat it with a hard boiled egg or 2. You can also play around with adding protein powder to this although I am not a fan of the taste personally.

Tips: We prefer to use raw, organic cocoa powder whenever possible for optimal nutrients. I also prefer organic, gluten free oats and rec using those if possible. In a pinch you can sub flax seeds for chia seeds- it works but won’t be quite as creamy.



Our weekend options for when we have a bit more time and energy… 

Fancy Green Eggs (adapted from a Luz Femenina recipe by Stefanie Kleinburd)

This is a more elaborate (and filling!) version of the weekday green eggs recipe. Love Stef’s pesto recipe not just for this egg recipe but to throw on pretty much any savory dish! 

-2 teaspoons of ghee, coconut oil or butter

-1 cup quinoa, pre-cooked

-1 cup finely chopped spinach or kale

-4 eggs

-1⁄4 cup of Stef’s walnut-kale pesto 

-1⁄2 avocado, sliced

-Turmeric, salt & black pepper, to your liking

Melt one teaspoon of the cooking fat of choice in a frying pan over low heat. Add the cooked quinoa and using a spatula, stir often, to heat it up. When it’s thoroughly heated, transfer into two bowls and cover to keep warm.

Add second teaspoon of fat to the pan and sauté greens until wilted.

Next crack four eggs into a small bowl. Beat them. Then, add in the pesto and beat them a little more.

Add the beaten eggs to the spinach in the pan. Add desired amount of salt, pepper and tumeric and cook the eggs until set.

Divide in two and place the scrambled green eggs over your quinoa. Top with sliced avocado and enjoy!


Soaked Pumpkin Pancakes (from Real Food Outlaws)

I am a pancake lover at my core and absolutely love these served with eggs and a bit of maple syrup on a lazy morning. What I love about these in particular is that they are soaked (which makes it easier for your body to digest the grains) and include a serving of veggies from the pumpkin. They are also great as leftovers: either store them in the fridge for a couple of days or in the freezer for a week or two. Also good as a snack with nut butter or Oli likes to dip his in plain yogurt 🙂

Check out the recipe here on the Real Food Outlaws blog. Great options to make these dairy-free and gluten-free offered as well.


Photo from Real Food Outlaws

If you give these recipes a try I hope you and your family love them as much as we do! What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes? I’d love for you to send them my way since I’m always on the look out for more options to try! Shoot me an email or post it on the Body By Banner Facebook page 🙂

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