4 simple tools to keep seeing results even when your workout doesn’t go as planned

As busy moms and working ladies a million things can come up to potentially derail us from our workouts. There are almost constant demands on our time or “crises” that only we can handle.
Just this morning, my workout didn’t go as planned, in fact it barely even happened!
As soon as I was settling in for my upper body workout (see below if you want to give it a try), I received a text from my husband who was out of town. I was due to pick up my step-son who was flying in but turns out his plane was arriving almost an hour early- great but unexpected! Instead of the longer workout + sauna time I had envisioned for my morning, I needed to cut my workout short and hustle just to get there on time.
I took a second to feel the sting of disappointment. Sure, it sucked and I let myself feel that wave of disappointment for a minute.
Then I chose to let go of any resentment and shifted to gratitude instead. Hey, I still got to the gym (an achievement in and of itself!), got in a nice warm up and some mobility work and did get in at least a couple rounds of the workout I had planned. Just showing up and doing what we can as consistently as we can keeps the momentum going and the results showing.
We need to stop expecting our workouts to be perfect.
When we have a less than perfect workout (or it doesn’t even happen), here’s what NOT to do: throw in the towel, beat yourself up, or stress about missing your goal for miles completed, calories burned, or # of reps finished.
Here’s what we can do instead to still get the most out of our workout and see real results:
1) Congratulate yourself for showing up and shift to gratitude
Just showing up and starting your workout IS the hardest part, and you did it! Go you! I find it really helpful to immediately shift into a gratitude mindset for any and all time we get to move our bodies. It helps me to remember what a privilege it is to have a healthy body and have the time and resources to exercise. This is a gift that many do not have.
2) Direct your energy to your nutrition
Our nutrition is #1 when it comes to our health and physique anyway so this gives us a great opportunity to pour a bit more energy into that area of our fitness. If we don’t workout or get in as complete a workout as hoped, then we won’t be needing as many calories post-workout. Where can we trim back a bit or clean up our diet? This is where the mindset shift is SO important! If we are stuck wallowing in the fact that we missed or didn’t complete our workout (therefore having poorly managed expectations) then we are likely to eat to tame our emotions rather than staying mindful of what and how much we are eating. 
3) Get creative
  • add in workout bursts throughout the day, even just 1-5 minutes here and there of strength and conditioning moves can really make a difference. My faves are: push ups, jump squats, burpees, wall squat holds, lunges and pull ups
  • workout from home if your gym workout failed and use one of the millions of free workout videos on YouTube to inspire you. Check out my YouTube channel HERE for full length workouts and yoga classes
  • sneak in movement during the rest of your day: take the stairs, get your kids out to play, have a walking meeting or phone call.
4) Give it another go tomorrow.
Tenacity and patience are two very under appreciated skills that are needed for long term success with any workout program. Each time we are faced with a mini set back we have the opportunity to practice both. Patience with the fact that we might not see progress as quickly as we hoped and tenacity by sticking with our long term goal rather than our short term frustration. 
If you are interested in trying the upper body workout for yourself that I just skimmed the surface of, here ya go! I plan to revisit it later this week, hopefully next time I will get all the way through 😉
Back and biceps focused
1) WARM UP x5-10 minutes
Complete 3 rounds of the following 3 exercises:
  • 6 chin ups (assisted as needed)
  • 15 bent over flys (using medium to heavy weights)
  • 10 hand release push ups (lower all the way to the mat and squeeze shoulder blades together while lifting hands off the mat)
Complete 3 rounds of the following 3 exercises:
  • 10 R/L one arm bent over rows (using heavy weights)
  • 10 alternating hammer curls (palms facing midline, using medium weights)
  • 10 biceps curls (using medium weights)
  • 10 minutes of alternating 30 second sprints with 30 seconds of rest.
  • Complete running sprints or use any cardio equipment you prefer (rowing machine, stepmill, treadmill, bike, elliptical).
  • Take longer rests if needed to push the intensity of your sprints.
I love to use the stepmill for this!
I’d love to hear how it goes if you try the workout, shoot me your feedback in the comments below or tag me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
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