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“What I love about working with Carolyn is her calm and accepting personality. I don’t really respond to trainers who yell and get in your face. Carolyn is anything but that! I mean she is a yoga teacher, right? She exudes loves and acceptance, all while still motivating me to be better and more consistent with healthy lifestyle choices. After just a few months of working with her I already have some healthier habits with my nutrition–like vegetables and protein at every meal. I also love her workouts which are tough and challenging but thankfully over quickly! I look forward to learning even more from her.”Cynthia, MMM member
“I am so grateful for Carolyn’s approach to fitness, the creativity and thoughtfulness she puts into her work, and her overall compassion and consideration for who her clients are as individuals. Through our work together, I have learned more about myself as well as what exercise is really about — not just to look good, but to feel comfortable and powerful in my own skin.”Emily Sargent Perry from Happy Heart Yoga
“I’ve struggled for years with how to maintain consistent ways to stay active and eat well. I noticed that I go through waves of regular exercise and mindful eating followed by months of not taking care of myself usually following a stressor two. I’m a work in progress. And Carolyn is helping me along the way. She offers simple, concrete, and easy to implement tools to create a lifestyle that feels healthy and more importantly, sustainable. I particularly appreciate her frame which emphasizes self love and consistency. She knows her stuff and I am always nourished intellectually by her teachings on Facebook, by email, and in video.”MMM Member
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“Carolyn has a beautiful way of helping us unlock the tools and wisdom inside our own bodies to help us connect the dots. One thing that drew me to doing Carolyn’s course was her authenticity: no “quick fixes” were promised upfront, no extreme food checklists & absolutely no striving for perfection! 

One of the things I loved most about the online tribe of women & Carolyn’s coaching approach was that it wasn’t about applause /awarding “gold stars” when we eat clean or “perform well” nutritionally. It was about sharing stories, encouragement & life which helped me become more aware, connect the dots and really look deeper at my “food moods”.”Kirstin, Streamlined Nutrition Solution participant

Expert advice, accountability, and learning stuff i didn’t know that i wanted to know. My favourite thing is that you’ve helped me see ‘magic’ as a set of long term choices and giving me the tools for it. I loved the initial personalised call, the SNE’s, the nutrition advice, the exercise frameworks ;without being too heavy) and the hangout where i felt i could ask more personally. MMM member
I like Carolyn’s always positive approach. Beautiful personality, super helpful, and also motivating.MMM Member
“I joined MMM after doing a workout in the park with Carolyn in Buenos Aires. Having a busy career and travel schedule, her approach to health and wellbeing immediately connected with me. With MMM, I’ve clarified and become realistic about my personal goals, learnt new strategies and techniques, and made more magic for myself with the awesome support of the group. Having a flexible toolkit at your fingertips really works for a woman like me! My sleep has improved and I’ve become more aware of my decisions, actions and non-actions around exercise and nutrition. Now when I’m travelling for work you’ll find me doing lunges in the hotel room or nipping out for an early run instead of making empty promises about starting a new routine when i’m back home. Being hugely passionate about my work on children’s rights, it has been a joy to have more mental and emotional energy and clarity that helps me work at the top of my game.”Victoria, MMM member
“I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my body.  She motivated and inspired me, yet was flexible, approachable and gentle. That amazing combo makes working out with her feel healthy, energizing and satisfying. I really appreciate that.”Stefanie Kleinburd of Luz Femenina + MMM member
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“It’s not easy to change everything at once. Carolyn has been a tremendous help when it comes to making manageable changes that will be sustainable. What I like best about working with Carolyn is that she understands… She understands that for me, it’s not a quick fix that I can conquer in just 12 weeks. She sees the positive in every situation, encourages me to keep moving forward even though I may take a few steps back.”Nita, MMM Member
“I met Carolyn through a network of expats in BA.  I’d been struggling to get back into a fitness routine. I wanted it to be like my pre-Mum workouts and as it wasn’t I ended up not doing much and feeling super frustrated.

She showed me a new way of working- and thinking! Being able to train effectively and safely in shorter workouts. That I can lift heavy! Tuning into how the body and mind feel. Staying alert to form. 

Even though we no longer live close to each other we’ve managed to keep going. I love the variety of exercise she provides. I know she will come up with ways to keep me on track when life gets bumpy and it seems like I’ll never get back. Carolyn is warm, informed, motivated/ing and incredibly attuned to my needs and possibilities.”Cate, BBB Inner Circle member

I find other people’s stories and progress super inspirational. Sometimes funny, sometimes a shoulder to cry on or just share the lows.MMM Member
Support and coaching from Carolyn. I can diet and exercise on my own, but Carolyn’s knowledge and support with helpful tips, advice and coaching definitely takes it to a higher level!MMM Member
I love the group setting. I love the positivity and encouragement. I also love the feedback on questions posted. I love how you listen to what we have questions about and turn them into fb lives.
MMM Member